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you know what. you know what. fuck you francis bonnefoy. you’re about to get your fucking ass whooped by someone in a fucking war and u know what u did? “hurr lemme use my fufckigm bird lik the piece of shit that i am durrr hur”. fuck you. you couldve pulled an army out of ur godamn ass but instead u have used this fuckin winged baseball . “oh no what will i do this fucking bird is going to kill us all. oo h nooo” said no one ever you fuckin shitface. holy shit. holy shit. you have one of the strongest countries in the world at this time and u decided , out of all ur choices ,”im gonna fuckin send this bird to kick ur ass” fuck you. fuck you. youre probably too much of a little bitch to even call an army. get a life. fuck you mr bonnefoy. fuck you. goddamnit

(Source: fruks)

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